Reducing Child Support Arrears in California

Do you owe child support arrears to a local child support agency in California?

If you do, and depending on your circumstances, you may be able to negotiate the arrears (and interest) down significantly by an "offer in compromise". The current laws that allow this process expire on July 1, 2008 so you need to act quickly.

Normally, arrears owed to the local child support agency for public assistance reimbursement (i.e. welfare) may be negotiated downward if certain requirements are met. If you owe money directly to the custodial parent, the arrears cannot be reduced by the local child support agency unless the custodial parent participates in the settlement.

Some of the things the agency will take into account are the ability to pay back the arrears that have accrued and the needs of the children subject to the support order. These are not all of the factors that the child support agency will look at in determining whether they will accept a lesser amount to pay off child support arrears.

However, the child support agency can rescind the compromise if the owing party misrepresents or conceals any assets, income or other property that the owing party owns or will likely own in the future or the owing party does not meet any terms of the agreement.

This is only a brief summary of the factors and process involved in compromising or reducing child support arrears. The child support agency takes into account many other factors not discussed above.

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