Can You Afford Not to Hire an Attorney for Your Divorce?

In recent years, there has been an upward trend of people representing themselves in their divorce cases. In 2000, more than 77% percent of litigants represented themselves in San Diego courts.

Although these people may seem to be saving money on attorney fees, many of them are left dazed and confused trying to finalize their divorce. Many people have no idea which documents to file or how to serve documents on their spouses to start the divorce process. If they manage to get past the initial hurdles, even more are left confused with trying to figure out how to finalize their divorce.

Unfortunately, the legal system was not designed as a "do it yourself" process. Instead, the family law courts require a variety of forms and documents depending on each individual circumstance.

Courts can not give litigants legal advice so they are left on their own trying to navigate a system with which they are not familiar. Many of the "Do-It-Yourself Litigants" become frustrated and may not actually finalize their divorce which can lead to both embarrassment and emotional scarring if one tries to remarry.

Every divorce has unique issues - whether there is community property that needs to be divided, who will have custody of the children, how much visitation time the noncustodial parent will have, and how much child support and spousal support needs to be paid. A divorce becomes even more complicated if there is a community business or there are issues of domestic violence.

Even if your divorce does not have any complicated issues, hiring a competent family law lawyer will pay for itself in the peace of mind it provides.

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